The family house on the Pasteurstraat in Nieuw Leyden is part of the Bouwmij competition site in the city of Leiden.

It is an end house and as such turns its faceted protective ( roof and external walls ) to the north side, at the head of a block of 9 houses. By contrast to its dark exterior its iridescent, open and transparent , inner façade, faces south and catches the passing natural light over the top and edges of the adjacent houses.

A conventional garden was not possible on the site but planting is an important element in the design. The exterior of the building is complimented by a vertical birch hedge that, in part, cuts into the building façade and envelopes the garage, defining the raised sun terrace and covering the balustrade.

Berger Barnett Architecten won third prize in the Bouwmij Competition.

Completion 2014

Location Leiden, Nieuw Leyden

Size 240m2

Client Private

Photography Marcel van der Burg

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