An established and very stable community of residents, along with many young children and newly borns, now live in the dwelling block Noord4Us, a CPO (Collectief Particulier Opdrachtgeversschap, a collective private client development) project in Buiksloterham, Amsterdam Noord.

As well as a variety of sized apartments the block includes some collectively owned elements –a lawned and sedum roof garden, an overnight stay apartment, off street parking and storage, a community room and an office/horeca space on the Ridderspoorweg.

The location is very near the Eye Museum in the vibrate neighbourhood of Buiksloterham. In this area we also built the SO De Heldringschool which is on the same street.

Connected within minutes to NDSM this is one of the most exciting new development areas within the Amsterdam A10 ring which continues to grow around what was, at its inception, a pioneering housing project.

Completion 2017

Location Amsterdam

Size 2100m2

Client CPO

Photography Leonard Faustle, Marcel van der Burg

Film Rem Berger

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