Kindercampus Mokum will be completed in October 2022 and will sit at the heart of the new Elzenhagen-Zuid, Amsterdam North, neighbourhood. It offers a strong, 360 degree oriented, predominantly brick form, of animated shifting volumes, with recesses and entrances, in its adjusting facades.

The district of Elzenhagen-Zuid is emerging as a beautiful new urban neighbourhood in Amsterdam Noord with space for around 2,000 homes. Urban villa-like residential blocks are currently being realised along the extended Elzenhagen Singel, and in the heart of this district will sit Kindercampus Mokum. The area will be as car free as possible and our multi oriented building will address the surrounding dwellings and park-like landscape.

Two first floor green teaching balconies address the south and west elevations. The form as a whole makes clear that the building accommodates various functions. This includes a variety of preschool and after school facilities - V.V.E, (voor en vroegschoolse educatie) K.D.V. (Kinderdagverblijf) and B.S.O. (Buitenschoolse opvang). There will be a new “moving box” (gymnasium), and playroom, and as securely as possible, afterschool access to sports facilities for local use. The school intends to inspire and connect as it sits in the heart of this emerging neighbourhood.

With a combination of installation-technical solutions (WKO and 377 PV panels) and a smart building form, this will be an all-electric, almost energy neutral (BENG) construction. By applying a stable concrete structure and the strategic routing of installation zones, a future proof, flexible building is created in which the layout can be adjusted in the future.

Date 2019 - ongoing

Location Amsterdam Noord, Elzenhagen Zuid

Size 4200m2

Client InNoord

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