In 2026, a new integrated child center (IKC) for AMOS and Unikidz will open its doors on Strandeiland in Amsterdam.

This Dalton school will provide AMOS and UNIKIDZ with optimal environment for the development of children from 0 to 13 years old.

The building will have a free form situated in the Doris Lessing Park with a double high central heart around which the ‘elementary’ building parts are grouped.

The timber elevation is designed to allow plants to cover the building and contains integrated nesting boxes for a range of birds that live on the island.

Due to the construction system of De Elementaire School, the size and functionality of the building can always be quickly and easily adapted to new developments, for example in the child concept, the number of children.

In addition to a circular construction system, it will be a Net Zero building (NOM), which goes a step further in sustainability than an energy-neutral building (ENG) in line with the ambitions of the Dutch Climate Agreement and the Paris Climate Agreement for 2030 and 2050.

De Elementaire School developed a construction system for the Innovative Partnership School Buildings (IPS) program of the municipality of Amsterdam. The main theme of IPS is the question of how to bridge the gap between the ever-higher ambitions and requirements for school buildings and what is possible in practice. De Elementaire School bridges that gap by industrializing the design and construction process with the necessary chain integration. Instead of ‘reinventing the wheel’ for each project and then ‘casting a building in concrete’, De Elementaire School has engineered a fully standardized construction concept with fixed standardized ‘dry’ elements with which a unique and flexible building is created for each project. The construction system is based on the ‘legolization’ of construction: the application of installation and (built-in) elements with standardized connections. In addition to flexibility in size and functionality, a new building form can be discovered and created for each building on each location in this way. With IPS, the demand-driven market moves to a supply-driven market in which selection takes place not only on the basis of price but especially on the added value for the users.

Project IKC Strandeiland

BVO 3500 m2

Programme Primary school for 470 pupils, sport facility and childcare facilities

Design and realization De Elementaire School

Design spring 2024

Completion summer 2026

Client Stichting AMOS, UNIKIDZ Kinderopvang, Sport en Bos (Gemeente Amsterdam)

Visualization Quatre Caps

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