Within the terrain of the Bouwmij competition site in the city centre of Leiden, the Dubbel en Dwars house occupies a double size plot giving it an extra generosity in plan and outside space from houses that only occupy a single plots.

At street level there is a self contained studio apartment for guests. This then creates a new level on which the rest of the family house and garden sits above on the first and second floor. As a result the open living area with kitchen and lounge is in direct contact with the garden terrace and has more privacy from the street, sleeping rooms are above this level on the second floor. On this upper level, transparency and shading is achieved by the use of movable screens, providing adjustable oblique and direct visual connections to the garden and street below.

Completion 2010

Location Nieuw Leyden, Leiden

Size 240m2

Client Private

Photography Marcel van der Burg

Using Format