Berger Barnett Architects has completed a design study into the housing of 18000 m2 of secondary vocational education for the Drenthe College at a merged location in Emmen.

In the proposal, the plot will be redesigned around historic oak tree lines, that cross and extend beyond the site. These lines were disrupted in the 1960’s by a new road network which created the current isolation of the college location. Making connections with historical structures will help anchor the new square - or “brink,” as a traditional, public, open space. This will also embed the location in the urban fabric of Emmen and make clear connections to existing college buildings on the new “campus” terrain.

This all serves to create a destination, and a place, where the exchange between education, business, local residents and institutions in the region, can develop.

The building is essentially a large roof in which the education programme is housed, with the space at ground level organized around the practical education ‘square’ that runs through and beyond the boundary of the building.

Date 2020

Location Emmen

Size 18000m2

Type Design study

Client Drenthe College

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