The shape derives from optimising the plain of the roof for solar panel orientation. Internally this can also provide a tribune at first level. An audience can be seated above the changing rooms with a view over the gym.

Our study aimed to produce a design that is circular on a number of levels.
Adaptable and flexible throughout its use, as the structure is responsive to different users over time.
A combination of main supporting structural elements with a long lifespan which are easily reusable with flexible built-in components with a shorter lifespan.
Modular and smart so that parts that need to be repaired are easily accessible.
Easy to construct, dis- assemble and re- construct.
Use “Waste Based Bricks”- made from construction waste
Use laminated wooden columns and beams made from renewable wood production.

The result is an energy neutral building with a comfortable indoor climate, aiming for NOM, Zero on the Meter- combining a reduction in energy demand while producing sustainable energy generation.

Date 2019

Location Amsterdam

Size 550m2

Type Design study

Client Gemeente Amsterdam

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