We have created and matched the roof extensions for two houses, that sit side by side, in a semi-detached arrangement (twee onder een kap).

What looks, from the outside, like two similar large boxes on the shared roof, is in fact an extension providing an entirely new floor and roof terrace for each house. However each house is completely different in programme and execution internally.

The three external “walls” of each roof extension are in fact louvres over glazing. This can be locally adjusted to allow light to enter the new spaces from each orientation. Adjustments to the louvres can also modify how much view and privacy is provided.

The new bedroom / bathing area on the top floor of one house can be completely transparent and open to the light or the night. By choosing to close the louvres completely the space achieves total privacy. On both sides, in this ‘closed’ setting, the terrace, becomes a room without a roof, open to the day or night sky.

One of the houses has been renovated below the roof extension, with an entirely different programme to its neighbour, that also includes a lift. This allows for limited wheelchair access and independent living throughout most of the house. This helps to future proofs the house for possible changes to living divisions, as family members grow up and become more independent.

Completion 2018 and 2022.

Location Amsterdam

Size 80m2 and m2

Client Private

Photography Leonard Faustle

i.s.m. ( interior) Flow works

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