What looks, from the outside, like a large dark box on the roof, is in fact an extension providing an entirely new floor. This adds to the existing house a generous master bedroom, bathroom and terrace, with very special qualities.

The walls are in fact dark louvres over glazing, that can subtly adjust how light enters the new space from any orientation. Every “wall” can be adjusted as to how much view and privacy is provided. The new room / bathing areas can be completely transparent and open to the light or the night. By choosing to close the louvres completely the space achieves total privacy and the terrace becomes a room without a roof, open to the day or night sky.

Subtle local adjustments to the louvres offers stunning views across to the Zuid Ass without compromising privacy. When the louvres are raised on all sides the glass box behind is revealed along with the enjoyment of a 360 panorama.

Completion 2018

Location Amsterdan

Size 80m2

Client Private

Photography Leonard Faustle

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