This extension to a lively primary school ( the Montessorischool voor basisonderwijs in Buitenveldert) in South Amsterdam was partly achieved by making use of the undercroft of the original building which dates from 1975.

In contrast to the original concrete “layered” design, the new extension curves at ground floor level, creating a new layer with a character of its own. A slatted timber and glass skin winds around original external structure, creating a softer and more friendly line to the street and internally pleasing and adaptable spaces.

The new generous main entrance is now reached via a curved and easily over seen entry point. New accommodation is created for classrooms, a library space, after school clubs and extended administration space, all with as much natural light as possible.

As well as adding new spaces, the design also made subtle and well considered adjustments to exiting spaces, bringing these old spaces into a playful layout, of greater and more relevant use. The design has managed, to add quality to the school as a whole from a relatively small budget with this modest piece of regeneration. The whole building project was able to be carried out while the school was in occupation.

Completion 2011

Location Amsterdam

Size 1640m2

Client Stichting Dyade Noord Holland

Photography Marcel van der Burg

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