Monthly Archives: September 2016


Sitting in the stripped out gymnasium having a progress meeting..
Without the flooring, equipment and acoustic panelling etc, the basic space and
robust architecture of Evers and Sarlemijn is revealed….
Now we have the shell, the renovation and adaptation will begin.


St Henricus School on the move…. but returning very soon!

After 60 years in the same building, St Henricus School is finally packing up. They are making way for the long overdue renovations to part of the Catharina Complex, an Amsterdam Gemeente Monument dating from 1953.

It is lots of work and the rapidly emptying building looks more than a little sad. However, in a year there will be a refreshed and renewed building to which everyone can return.

The renovation involves a new entrance area, renovated external play spaces and storage as well as some radical new arrangements to the interior. The result will be a vibrant school fit for the 21stcentury embedded within a beautiful and robust complex of buildings, originally designed by Evers and Sarlemijn.