Monthly Archives: February 2016

NOORD4US – is growing!

Noord4us is now at the 4th floor, we are half way there! Crisp concrete framing looking gorgeous in the winter sunlight!



VSO De Heldring West

As the VSO De Heldring West emerges on site we are excited to be busy with looking at the final finishes with our wonderful client group.

The main hall space of the school is at the moment, a forest of scaffolding. This hall space will also have to transform into a fully blown “black box” theatre space for the very special performances the school produces each year. Balancing the various finishes for these extreme uses is challenging and requires some really careful consideration if it is to be successful in both its conditions.


Berger Barnett Architecten have just been involved in the fabulous and inspiring IMC Weekend School for kids. For 4 weekends we led workshops on the design of a clubhouse, which began with simple exercises in scale, to ending with  full blown Visual Renderings in 3 D, of the proposed schemes.

Its was intense work for everyone but well worth it and hope gave all the kids a chance to see some of what was involved in being an architect. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it!