Monthly Archives: November 2015

Building Begins!

Pupils from the VSO De Heldring School took to the ropes to bang in the first pile for the foundations of their new school. They were helped by Roland Mauer – councellor for Education and Sport, Nieuw West – (Stadsdeelwethouder – verantwoordelijk voor Onderwijs, Sport, Verkeer en Vervoer, Tuinen van West, Participatie, Emancipatie en Diversiteit, Dienstverlening.)

A large crowd of parents and children stood well back as the first ‘building crew’ did their work. After all the hard work we all tucked into freshly made chips from our very own on site chip wagon! The building is expected to be completed in autumn 2016.


Noord4us Construction Started - Berger Barnett


We made a visit to Vebo to see the construction of the concrete framing that hangs on our project at Buiksloterham, Kavel 21, Amsterdam Noord – Noord4us. It’s looking “massively” wonderful and we can’t wait to see it on site. Expected completion June 2016.


Research New School Berger Barnett


Building on our ongoing research into school design we recently went with our current clients on various study visits to existing, newly opened schools.

We were particularly interested in examples of good combinations of programme in design, as we are joining two existing schools on one new site.

We had an inspiring and stimulating time,  and the clients were amazed at finding such differing design solutions within each school.