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Sustainable Schools – Post Occupation Information Visit

Abdeluheb Choho in his capacity as councillor for Sustainability (Portefuilles Duurzaamheid, Openbarre Ruimte ) and Simone Kukenheim in her capacity as Councillor for Education and Youth ( Onderwijs en Jeugd ) along with Antionette Rodewijk ( DMO ) Policy advisor on Education, came on a visit to SO De Heldring in April.

Talking to the architects, staff and pupils attention was paid to the issues of sustainability within SO De Heldring.  The councillors were able to get an idea of how post occupation, the design, and sustainable aspects, impact on how the school functions.

It was also the last day of school before Koingsdag so we were lucky enough to join in the festivities a little when we visited!


Speciale School

SO De Heldring School is featured in the latest edition of Architectuur NL ( 3/15 ).


Read the article here.