Monthly Archives: December 2014

Co-creating the Future – Catherina Complex

In October, alongside parents, teachers, managers, etc we got together for a workshop of lively discussion and thinking with Plan & Aanpak, co-creating a new approach to the future development of the St Henricus School. Great energy and communication and new ways of thinking on all levels, thank you KBA,  Brigit and Irma a valuable experience.

AFK Funding ( Read me Write Me )

Successful Grant Funding from the AFK (Amsterdam Fonds Voor de Kunst)




Praktijkcollege Het Plein with the support of Artist Willem Hoebink and Berger Barnett Architects  have successfully secured funding for an art piece for the school that will be executed using lighting and words. The text for the continuous writing band around the bridge of the building will be written and edited by the pupils at the school as part of their school work.  The project is also generously supported by the Gemeente Nieuw West Amsterdam.

The school is already up and running and the piece will be attached to the outside of the building, within the coming year. The  school can soon get to work on developing the editing and writing programme so that messages will be ready to broadcast as soon as the installation is in place.