Monthly Archives: October 2014

SO De Heldring in De Architect

In the the article ‘Duurzame Scholen’ in the Oktober issue of the architectural magazine ‘De Architect’, SO De Heldring, designed by Berger Barnett Architecten is presented as an excellent example of a climate neutral school. Not just the advanced installations, but also the structure and building envelope contribute to the sustainability of the design. The giant sunscreens, an integrated artpiece funded by the AFK and designed by graphic designer Hansje van Halem, are essential for the climate control in the building.


Lecture on Design Methodology at the Academie van Bouwkunst

Last night Jo Barnett gave a lecture on Design Methodology at the Academie van Bouwkunst. Building on her talk from last year she drew on Berger Barnett’s project in Edam as a built example of the practices approach to design development.


BMS:  A pilot project for school renovation

In the September issue of De Architect, Frido Nieuwamerongen tackles the subject of school renovation and the changing task of school buildings over time.

In the article “Negen modellen voor een succesvolle schoolverbouwing” the renovation of the Buitenveldertse Montessori School ( BMS ) in Amsterdam by Berger Barnett Architects is presented as an example of the way excess space can be filled in and used for new functions. By doing so it also shows how it can free up and re program existing parts of the school.

The article highlights in total nine models from the online ‘Scholenbouwatlas’ (initiated by Dolf Broekhuizen) that serve as a guide during the design process for a successful school renovation.