Monthly Archives: April 2014

Catharina Complex presentation

Jo Barnett made a presentation to the staff of St Henricus School and the Stichting KBA about the architectural history of their school at their school location. We then went as a group to see the exhibition by Berger Barnett Architects about the Catherina Complex at the Van Eesterenmuseum. The Exhibition is on from now until the weekend of June 21for the Day from Architecture  (DE DAG VAN DE ARCHITECTUUR AMSTERDAM DvdAA 21.06.2014 – 22.06.2014) the museum will be open for the whole weekend and taking part is special events. Please check their site for details.

De Dag van de Architectuur Amsterdam (DvdAA) is een jaarlijks terugkerend evenement, georganiseerd door ARCAM(Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam) en de BNA Kring Amsterdam-Kennemerland.