NOORD4US has been nominated for the Amsterdamse Nieuwbouwprijs 2018.

The public can vote for their favourite building from a shortlist of 10.


Voting is now open for the Mooiste Nieuwbouwproject van Amsterdam 2018

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Project: Noord4us


See our new short film about Henricus School, Amsterdam.  A municipal monument, our short walk through gives an impression of the interior with its mixture of old and new. Shortlisted this year for the Amsterdam Architecture Prize. The original building was designed by Evers and Sarlemijn.

Film made by Rem Berger

Project: Henricus School


The construction of the building continues. We took the staff on a tour of the building site, so they could see the building work in progress. It was great for them to get the feel for the spaces in which they will very soon be working.

Film made by Rem Berger

Project:Humanistisch Kindercentrum Alles-in-een-school Amsterdam


De Henricus is genomineerd voor de Amsterdamse Architectuur Prijs 2018! Op donderdag 12 april vindt de feestelijke uitreiking van de Gouden A.A.P. 2018 plaats in Hotel Arena. In totaal dingen dit jaar tien gebouwen mee naar dé prijs voor het beste gebouw van Amsterdam van het voorgaande jaar.

VSO De Heldring: Theatre at its Heart

The VSO is getting ready for its first public performance in which the “heart” of the school transforms into a theatre space.
Once a year the school presents a special theatre performance over a number of evenings for the parents and general public.
This short film takes you inside the building.

Project:VSO De Heldring



Humanistisch Kindercentrum – Alles-in een School – Amsterdam

The shell of the building is emerging from the sea of scaffolding!  The ellipse of the aula space can be clearly seen with the staircase to the first floor cast into one end. Some of the scaffolding is at a slight angle because the roof gently rises towards the north side of the building.

Project: Humanistisch Kindercentrum, Alles- in – een – School, Amsterdam

Redefining Brutalism- study trip to Glasgow

Academie van Bouwkunst, P4 studio students, have just completed a study trip to Glasgow led by Jo Barnett. Our primary purpose was to visit the fabulous ruin that is St Peters Seminary by Gillespie Kidd and Coia. This will be the site of the students proposed project.

This image, also from our trip, shows the entry into St Brides in East Kilbride another of GK&C’s works near Glasgow which is currently very much a functioning building.

Big thank you to Richard Proudly and Dennis Meijerink for their informative in-put at the start of the project, and to Anne Koenig from Berlin who joined our trip, bringing with her a valuable wider European outlook. Also indebted to the Mackintosh School of Art for their fantastic support during our whole stay.

Humanistisch Kindercentrum

First floor rising out of the ground this week, making good progress.

Project: Humanistisch Kindercentrum, Alles- in – een – School, Amsterdam

Building works begin –  Humanistisch Kindercentrum Amsterdam!

A beautiful yellow JCB sits in the sun in what will eventually be the central courtyard of the new school. An exciting sight for all the children who attended the opening party for the beginning of building works. The schools pioneering concept combines, primary education for main stream children, alongside children with special educational needs, from ages 0 to 12.

Moving in is timetabled for July 2018.


Project: Humanistisch Kindercentrum, Alles- in – een – School, Amsterdam

Verbondenheid : Vrijheid : Gelijkheid : Redelijkheid : Natuurlijkheid! Relationship : Freedom : Equality : Reasonability : Environmental Awareness!

The five principles of Humanism were our starting point for our workshop at Zanvoort aan Zee last Friday with the staff of the new Humanist ALLES-IN-1-SCHOOL at Zuidlijke Wandelweg, Amsterdam South.

Established, as well as new members of staff, got to know the new building, which starts on site in 2018. We explored how the building will work in practice to support the aims of Humanism.


Project:Zuidlijke Wandelweg