Humanistisch Kindercentrum

First floor rising out of the ground this week, making good progress.

Project: Humanistisch Kindercentrum, Alles- in – een – School, Amsterdam

Building works begin –  Humanistisch Kindercentrum Amsterdam!

A beautiful yellow JCB sits in the sun in what will eventually be the central courtyard of the new school. An exciting sight for all the children who attended the opening party for the beginning of building works. The schools pioneering concept combines, primary education for main stream children, alongside children with special educational needs, from ages 0 to 12.

Moving in is timetabled for July 2018.


Project: Humanistisch Kindercentrum, Alles- in – een – School, Amsterdam

Verbondenheid : Vrijheid : Gelijkheid : Redelijkheid : Natuurlijkheid! Relationship : Freedom : Equality : Reasonability : Environmental Awareness!

The five principles of Humanism were our starting point for our workshop at Zanvoort aan Zee last Friday with the staff of the new Humanist ALLES-IN-1-SCHOOL at Zuidlijke Wandelweg, Amsterdam South.

Established, as well as new members of staff, got to know the new building, which starts on site in 2018. We explored how the building will work in practice to support the aims of Humanism.


Project:Zuidlijke Wandelweg


St Henricus School renovation and extension is nearing completion ready for the next academic year.
The old bay windows are now huge fully glazed squares creating new visual connections between outside and inside.


Project: St Henricus School


Now the dust has settled and all apartments are occupied Berger Barnett Architects and Vink Bouw hosted a NOORD4US Summer Solstice Party to thank the new residents for their wonderful collaboration and to celebrate together on our wonderful shared terrace and garden.


Project: NOORD4US


…take a little look around both inside…and out in our new film, ready to view…





KAVEL 21 BUIKSLOTERHAM nominated for NEPROM Prize!

NOORD4US – energy neutral CPO as part of KAVEL 21 Buiksloterham –  has been nominated for the NEPROM prize 2017 locatieontwikkeling (location development). The winner will be announced on May 18th at the sixth Dag van de Projectontwikkeling ( DVDP) in the Congrescentrum 1931 in Den Bosch.




From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love

Jo and Hans gave two lectures about our office and attended a workshop at ARTPLAY in Moscow at the end of April. On the initiative of Gleb Sobolev a fellow Architectural Association alumni we spoke to students at MARCH and at the Architectural Co-working of the Central House of Architects. We still managed to include a few private visits to some Constructivist classics by Mel’Nikov and Golosov.



FRAMEWORK DUBLIN “Reimagining Dublin One”

The resulting report from the “Reimagining Dublin One “ brain storming at the beginning of the March is now available on line.

Our group proposed, among other things  BACKS turned into FRONTS to reanimate beautiful but damaged back streets. The examples of North Lotts through to Middle Abbey Street and Capel Street through to Jervis Lane Upper were examined in more detail. Great working with you all, especially Nicholas Cunningham, Brenda Duggan, Margret Glupker, Anne Konig, Aisling Prior and Todd Scott.  (drawings by Brenda, Margret and Nicholas.)


A celebratory performance in the theatre space of the school marked the opening on March 10th. The show began in the sunshine and slowly as the curtains closed the new theatrical black box was created. The performance continued with music, dance, sound and light techniques, employing for the first time the new state of the art lighting rig and sound system. The building was formally opened by councillor Simone Kukenheim (Onderwijs, Jeugd, Diversiteit en Statsdeel Oost).

Theatre is at the heart of the activities of the school so we very much look forward to attending their future productions.


Project:VSO de Heldring