Growing the New St Henricus!

The contract is now signed for the next phase of St Henricus School and the stripped out building can now be extended and refurbished.
Ron Wolbert, from contractors Janssen de Jong, and Frank Merten, the director of Stichting KBA, signed the contract together, to the delight of the assembled friends, parents and teachers.

“Before and After” images of the school were on display at the signing ceremony,  along with the exciting new design for the inner play court. In collaboration with Ecologisch Hovenier Bedrijf De Twee Heren, the court will be transformed into a natural environment of fantasy, adventure and discovery, with water play and native plants.

The building work will be completed in time for the school to start back next academic year ( September 2017 ).


Project:St Henricus School


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